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Along Thug Wifey's Travels she has found some pretty amazing companies and HERE you will find a list of those people & links to save you some serious cash!
  1. EmpowerFit - Mom's Return to Training
    EmpowerFit - Mom's Return to Training
    The program is a 12 week, online DIY style course, designed for mothers in their first year postpartum and/or moms later on in motherhood who are struggling with symptoms such as pain, diastasis recti, prolapse and incontinence. The program includes: breathing techniques and information on core & pelvic floor function details on pelvic organ prolapse and what it is breastfeeding support from a lactation consultant 12 weeks of progressive workouts aimed at full body strength & function, complete with videos Meal inspiration & recipes Nutrition & Hormone support from holistic nutrition practitioners Yoga flows that are simple, quick and created for mothers Bonus core & glute circuits It's as much as I could pack into 12 week without overwhelming an already busy mom!
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